Riverzedge staff share a vision with the board, volunteer corps, and youth for success, innovative capacity, a commitment to materials and resource conservation, and boundless energy to provide hope and contribution to others.

Shanikqua Dandy, Arts & Business Program Director

Dandy has been an “Edgester” since 2005, first as a Media Works program participant, then as an alumni, and now as a full time staff member. A believer in “paying it forward”, Dandy seeks to provide current participants with stable, creative programming that will expand youth vision and voice in this community; components she herself benefited from as a teen. She is currently taking this drive for giving back to the community a step further by starting her own arts social empowerment organization and progressing toward opening new businesses, locally, that will captive the unemployed and underserved.

Kelly Harlow, ELO Program Director

Kelly, a recent graduate of Rhode Island College, studied Youth Development with a concentration in Holistic and Therapeutic Development. She is passionate about social justice work through advocacy and the empowerment of underrepresented youth. Kelly believes in critical and positive youth development and leading with youth.

Christopher Fagbayi, Design Works Studio Director

Chris was born in Paris, France and was raised in the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe before moving to the states 28 years ago. Chris is a passionate Graphic Designer who has worked at corporate companies in the Greater Boston area and as an art educator in the community of Woonsocket where he has taught basic art and design to Pre-K, Elementary and High School Students. He believes that sharing his artistic knowledge with youth will enable them to discover their own creative talents and appreciation for the arts.  Chris received an AS in Graphic Design from Bunker Hill Community College and a BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Rhiannon White

Rhiannon White graduated from Denison University with a BA in English and Theatre in 2017.She spent the next two years working as a Youth Services Assistant at a public library where she designed programs for tweens and homeschoolers. Her most memorable program involved teaching kids how to survive a zombie apocalypse! A native of southeastern Ohio, Rhiannon moved to Rhode Island after becoming an Americorps VISTA (bringing along her cat, Dragon). She is excited to work with the students of Woonsocket High and discover all they have to offer.


Irene Su, Media Works Studio Director

Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Irene has had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of cool people and organizations from all over the world. At Riverzedge, she works with participants to find new and creative ways to share stories through video and photography. Irene is passionate about exploring media, and investigating how media can be used for social change. In her free time, Irene enjoys listening to live music for inspiration for her visual work, playing with how to translate sound into something physical.

Alessandra Briggs

After graduating RISD, Allie worked as a graphic designer until 2017 when she returned to her passion of visual storytelling and illustration. As a freelance artist, she worked with multiple clients creating characters, portraits, and paintings of dragons and fantastical realms. Her favorite pieces have a sense of adventure, wonder, and imagery that depicts inner strength and expression of identity. She strives to empower and support others to tell their personal stories by teaching methods of mark making and symbolism to elevate not only the artwork but the artist as well.


Beck Gardner

Beck is an artist, working primarily with pencil, ink and gouache. He graduated from University of California Santa Cruz in 2011. Since then he has acquired a variety of work experience in the fields of art, logistics, and social work. As the Riverzedge Youth Development Americorps VISTA, he combines his work experience, passion for art, empathetic nature, and his desire to empower those around him to provide both academic and leadership support to participants.