Our initiatives strive to build capacity for self-directed personal and community improvement through a focus on creativity, leadership development and creative placemaking. It all starts with helping Woonsocket teens find alternative pathways to academic success and high school graduation.

Creative Youth Development

National youth development funders hold Riverzedge Arts as a model for success, both as an organization and for the outcomes we produce. We set high expectations for youth participants, and the deliver high-impact, authentic learning experiences that inspire them to achieve.

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Places like Woonsocket that have experienced severe economic and social dysfunction require direct intervention to renew the basic community fabric. Like nothing else can, art, creativity and direct involvement inspire hope for positive transformation.

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Leadership Development

Riverzedge Arts is committed to developing and promoting effective and progressive leadership capacity in our youth, parents and the greater community. This fostering of leadership happens throughout our programs but most directly through our Parent Leadership Training Institute and our Peer Mentoring in our Studio Programs.

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