Riverzedge Arts is committed to developing and promoting effective and progressive leadership capacity in our youth, parents and the greater community. This fostering of leadership happens throughout our programs but most directly through our Parent Leadership Training Institute and our Peer Mentoring in our Studio Programs.


The Woonsocket Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) is a nationally proven leadership initiative that helps parents to become powerful advocates for their children. The cornerstones of PLTI are respect, validation, and the belief that when the tools of democracy are understood, the public will actively engage in civic life.

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. They are also great advocates for children in society. Parents speak out on issues and inform policy makers, the media and other parents about the needs of out children.

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Youth Leadership

Riverzedge believes all youth have the ability to be great leaders given chance and opportunity. In our Studio Programs, we put this theory into practice everyday through youth-led committees and our Peer Mentoring program. In each of the Studios, a number of youth participants are promoted to “Youth Mentor” where they are given an increased stipend in exchange for more responsibility. Youth Mentors assist the Studio Directors, mentor other youth, and lead activities. Beyond Youth Mentors, youth participants are given opportunity and leadership on a number of youth-led governance committees, help organize special events and participate in “Town Hall” style meetings to help shape Riverzedge programs, the future of education in RI and the design and physical makeup of their City.

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